The Man with the Golden Microphone killed my dad, and I’m glad he’s dead

On Sophia Gaia’s two children, and what happened during the last Age of Wonder

And for the stillborn dream of the white collar career

This is my picture taken by me at a sacred place, and you don’t have permission to use it.

An honest post mortem, gratitude, and closure.

While the world goes to hell, we’ve gone to the presses. We’ll need SOMETHING to read during the apocalypse.

FUCK YOU. I yield my time.

Actual GRPD bike troopers during last month’s #GeorgeFloyd protests. The bike troopers have a little song and dance they do with their bikes in a pseudo-phalanx. It’s adorable. Real Nazi-nouveaux.

Trash by the sacred Annishenabek Mounds by the Grand River in Grand Rapids, Michigan, 2018. Photo by yours truly.

Generation Z is wide awake and terrified.

Issue #1: Origins, of COSGRRRL: The Elemental Series

New female-founded, semi-illustrated print publication explores diverse perspectives on humanity through the lenses of sci-fi, fantasy, and pop culture.

Indian Mounds Drive, Grand Rapids, Michigan. Photo by me.

In reference to Wendell Berry’s “Farmer Among the Tombs”, in honor of Grand Rapids, Michigan

marjorie steele

poet, educator, hillbilly gnostic druid. indie publisher and creator of COSGRRRL magazine, teaching business @KCADofFSU.

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