A dangerous criminal guards her illicit narcotics.

Our legislature has a serious monopoly addiction, and it’s destroying lives.

Everyone in Michigan should care about what’s happening with our state’s marijuana legislature right now.

Yes: I mean you.

Because, whether you realize it or not, it affects us all. Every one of us either is, or has in our life a person who at one point or another will…

Native American children being physically and emotionally tortured under the banner of “reeducation” at Carlisle Indian Industrial School, Pennsylvania, c. 1900

Shedding oppression sometimes requires shedding rules of standard spelling

It’s a real buzzy word right now. Anti-colonialist. It’s often paired with anti-capitalist, and sometimes swapped for anti-imperialism.

It conjures the image of a black-clad, umbrella armored hooligan busting bank windows to destroy the system, doesn’t it?

In the context of literature, it conjures a spectacle of radical manifestoes —…

creativeonion Press’ in-house inventory and fulfillment desk.

It’s not Amazon that’s killing our profit margin: it’s customers.

Let me tell you a little story from my life, as an indie book publisher.

*spoiler alert:* It’s about how Amazon fucks over small business. I know: shocking.

Let’s start by pointing out that when I, as a publisher, sell books through Amazon (as I must, to survive in the…

creativeonion Press celebrates outsider voices with release of first two black-authored titles, forges ahead where mainstream publishers fear to tread

“There’s something freeing about having little left to lose,” says creativeonion Press founder and publisher, Marjorie Steele. “For me, starting the press wasn’t so much a conscious decision, as it…

Can Medium readers atone for Medium Staff’s disenfranchisement of creative writers? Yes! Buy my books!

No seriously. Buy my books. On creativeonionpress.com, not on Amazon. Tell your friends.

This is a hard post for me to write. I’m not much for the hard sales pitch, and believe it or not, I really hate being aggressive. It’s against my nature. But it’s even more against my…

marjorie steele

poet, educator, hillbilly gnostic druid. publisher of creativeonion Press and COSGRRRL, teaching business to designers.

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