Then, when I wrote an article about what happened to her, Twitter suspended me.

Link please? I’d really like to take a look. I prowled your profile for a bit but wasn’t sure which post it was.

That’s all I did was post my article about what happened to Tamra, and Twitter suspended me.

I’ve heard this happening more and more. Anna Breslin was recently suspended on Twitter for calling Lena Dunham out for her recent #metoo debaucle. And of course Caitlin Johnstone was suspended on Facebook temporarily for posting links to verified false flag ops.

This is EXACTLY the type of situation I wrote this article in order to fight against. Social networks and search engines must NOT be in the business of censorship. They must seek to protect their users safety and freedom by penalizing fake accounts and threats of violence — which should NOT include tweeting a personal story or calling Lena Dunham a twat (I support Anna there — Lena Dunham is a twat).

Your post about this very topic…it got plenty of support. My posts telling my story about what happened to me and Tamra? Ha. I don’t think Medium or Twitter even circulates my posts for viewing.

I hear your point, but the truth is I’m having the same problem with hot-button issues. Neither my post contradicting the mainstream narrative of the Las Vegas shooting or my post about the prohibition on human consciousness via the “war on drugs” could crack 100 views, despite pushing them as hard as I could on social. Yet these are some of the most important pieces I believe I’ve written. Medium’s model is brand new, however, so while I’m plenty leery, I don’t see any definitive patterns yet, and I think we need more time for the algorithm to mature and for the userbase to grow to draw any firm conclusions.

My Facebook author page, however, gets zero visibility, and my Twitter is limited. Tho not on a “Limited Visibility” status (yet), the existence of which is scary AF.

I honestly think we’re in a similar boat — and a lot of others are as well. And I’m sure you’re right: Russian bots and overseas political influence indeed seems to be a variable at play. That’s not something I’ve argued against. What I’m saying is that based on what I’m seeing, it’s clear to me that there are a lot of other, possibly much bigger variables at play simultaneously.

I think we need to keep shouting, and aim to see the big picture.

Since many of our digital tools seem to be broken, maybe we need to find or create some new tools. A subscription-based search engine, and social network, following Ev’s model with Medium, for example.

poet, educator, hillbilly gnostic druid. indie publisher and creator of COSGRRRL magazine, teaching business @KCADofFSU.

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