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My advice to the female entrepreneur

A short essay, as requested by a student

In my experience, men and women have that same inner voice that says “this is a brilliant idea — the world needs this, and you’re the person to make it a reality.” And men and women both have the talents to create those visions. The difference I see is that women ALSO have that inner voice that says “but make sure you take care of everyone else along the way.” While taking care of others is something we should all do, for women, that so often becomes “put other people’s needs ahead of your own — including your vision.”

Yet that tenacity — that unwillingness to compromise in order to bring a vision into reality — is precisely what today’s wicked problems need from entrepreneurs, and we need it from women most desperately of all.

My advice to women, frankly, isn’t that different than it is to men: know yourself, and follow your passion, even when everyone around you can’t see it like you do. For women, this will mean a lot more resistance, possibly from others, yes — but that internal resistance is the biggest mind killer. You must be willing to have faith in yourself when no one else does, which means that to be successful, you must engage in the radically subversive practice of self awareness, and self care — without compromise.

Partner. Wife. Mother. Sister. Neighbor. Entrepreneur. Be any and all these things, if you choose, yet let none of them define who you are.

Only you can do that. And from that knowing will come your greatest inspiration.

poet, educator, hillbilly gnostic druid. indie publisher and creator of COSGRRRL magazine, teaching business @KCADofFSU.

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