The discrepancy you’re discussing here, across the large scale, seems to be quickly dwarfed by the significantly disproportionate contribution men make to households financially — most notably in the form of spousal support and child support, but also still as primary financial breadwinners. Nonetheless…

So, in order for women to “have it all” — both motherhood and a fulltime highpower career, we need men to step up and do more of the “care” — care which they’re so often paying for financially in significant volume.

But if that’s the case, then where’s the quid pro quo for the men — where’s the thing they get to give up? If women are giving up being caretakers for a career, when what are we offering the men to give up so they can do more of the care work?

This is why this kind of feminism is disingenuous — it’s selfishly focused on the needs of one sex, at the expense of the other.


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