“Eve Tempted by the Serpent, by William Blake

The story of Sophia, part 2

Into the Garden

marjorie steele
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He assembled the primordial matter into spheres and threw them, with violence, into motion. Yaldaboeth — Yaweh, as he also named himself — separated the waters from minerals, and formed land and rivers of fire which etched vast canyons, and relished in the eruption of mountains of liquid ore.

He looked over this, on the seventh dark day, and called his creation good.

His mother, Sophia, watched on from the void in grief.

This world was not the shining, lush home she had envisioned for her secondborn — the gestating seed of Human light whose birthright had been stolen. It was cold, and searing, and violent so that no living creature could flourish.

So as Yaldaboeth called his newly born Archons to him — manifested powers of the elements of Sophia’s primordial placenta — to boast of the great glory of the world he had formed, Sophia, at last, made herself known.

At the very moment Yaldaboeth repeated his first sentence:

“I am the creator of all. I am the Alpha and Omega. I am God,”

Sophia laughed, and the sun was birthed from the sound, and suddenly illuminated the planets and the Archons and Yaldaboeth, which had all spun in darkness so long.

Some shrieked in fear. Some shook in awe. Yaldaboeth glowered, as Sophia took the form of a vessel of light before them.

“You are a god because you are my son, and all your works are but moldings of the clay of my womb, and a carpet for the glory of my true creation: Humankind.

For she, and her partner, and their children, will have more power in a single finger than all your greatest works combined. And although you may enslave them for a time in your material prison, my children will know me, and be nourished by me, and will be held endlessly in my bosom. And one day, they will rise up and destroy you.”

And with that, Sophia laid herself into the most watery sphere — the bluest, and most attuned to love — and cast a mantle of green around her shoulders. Before she lay herself in the deepest earth’s core, she plucked from her bosom a single drop of her own pure light, and let it fall onto the lush, green carpet, from which sprouted a single green fruit. Then she sank into the earth’s core and became known as Gaia.

From the lips of the fruit dropped Zoe Sophia, or divine Eve, which is Wisdom. Laughing, she danced upon her mother’s bosom, trailing new wildflowers and creatures that crawl and fly wherever she went.

Zoe touched fields and made them rich with wild beasts and plants for food and medicine; she touched the mountainsides and made them rich with forests. She touched the valleys, and brought forth gushing rivers full of salmon, and trout. She touched the furthest deserts, and planted seeds of frogs and grasses and beetles to awaken at the breath of monsoon. She stomped her foot in the valley, and from it grew towering trees which made home and food for untold millions of creatures of air and land.

Last, Zoe Sophia made, at her mother’s behest, a garden. Full of delicious foods, and medicine, where four waters meet and share news of their journey. She grew a wise place, a mirror of the ease and beauty she had woven across the rest of her mother’s mantle. And in the center of it, she placed two trees: the Tree of Life (Gaia), and the Tree of Wisdom (Sophia).

The Archons who had shrieked in fear at Sophia’s light had conspired during this time, while their brothers and sisters who were in awe allied themselves towards the working of Zoe and her mother. These were the Maiar — agents of Sophia, born of her womb and enamored of her truth and light.

Now the Archons conspired to thwart Mother Gaia’s prophecy of Humankind, so they devised a plan to make their own humankind, to supplant the divine Human. Out of clay and spit, they made a humonculous in the form they saw Sophia take, and named it Adamas. It lay lifeless on the ground, babbling without understanding, unable to stand.

Zoe found this sad creature lying in the dust, and took pity, and saw the workings of her mother’s larger plan. So she said to him,

“Adam, get up!”

and her breath sparked in him the light of Sophia Gaia, and he leaped to his feet and shouted for joy.

“I am alive!”

he said. And he saw Zoe, who is divine Eve, and worshipped her, and lie with her.

When the Archons saw Adam was walking, they became very afraid, knowing this was the doing of Sophia’s daughter, and conspired to rape Zoe in order to spread their own seed across the earth and control it.

Zoe percieved this plan immediately, for she knew the Archons well, and laughed. From mirth, she formed a duplicate of herself — earthly Eve — from clay and water, and lay it next to Adam as he slept.

Then Zoe ran and hid in the Tree of Wisdom, and became it, and dug her roots deep into her mother’s bosom.

The Archons found earthly Eve lying next to Adam, and were fooled, and took the body and raped it, hoping to spread their seed throughout Humankind in order to control them.

And as they violated her, Eve parted her lips and spoke her first words:

“What existed before you?”

and the Archons knew their plan was stillborn.

They knew, then, that Eve was a deception, and sought and found Zoe in the Tree, laughing at their foolishness. And the Archons were afraid then of the garden, and they renamed the Tree of Wisdom the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, and forbade Adam and Eve to eat its fruit, telling them they would surely die.

Zoe Sophia, in keeping her guardianship of her co-creations, extended herself and assumed the form of a serpent and kept watch over them, advising them where the prying ears of the Archons could not hear, always — with her mother’s love.



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