Why I’m done nail-biting about cultural appropriation

Peace out and go home, Internet outrage party. You’re drunk, and I’ve got a house to clean.

First, I feel it’s necessary to make the disclaimer that this post is NOT about denying that cultural appropriation is a thing that exists, and is wrong. I think we can all agree that things like this are not ok:

Ask yourself, is this something that I can personally identify with being part of my lived experience? Is this a part of someone else’s? If your answers were no, and then yes. Don’t do it. Pretty damn simple.

I can almost see myself saying something like this, five to ten years ago. But I’ve gained more life experience since then, and increasingly more nuanced challenges, and today I understand that there is nothing simple about the guidelines this commenter presents — let alone feasible, or even just.

poet, educator, hillbilly gnostic druid. indie publisher and creator of COSGRRRL magazine, teaching business @KCADofFSU.

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